Turbine blades

Modularity and High Precision

The 508TB, 518TB and 528TB machining centres have been specially developed for machining turbine blades. A range of scalable securing systems is available for manual or automatic mandrel clamping. The mobile slideway, which is equipped with a tailstock centre, a free rotating mandrel or an auxiliary divider, guarantees increased flexibility in the blade support. The free rotating mandrel exerts a slight pull on the workpiece to improve its vibrational behaviour and prevent unstable buckling. The mode in synchronisation with the auxiliary divider makes the workpiece/clamping unit assembly more rigid, thus reducing torsion on slim workpieces.

5-6-axis machining

508TB / 518TB / 528TB

Machining of turbine vanes for the aviation sector and gas or steam turbines for the energy sector.

Machining centre designed for machining turbine vanes and disks. It has a modular design and offers several alternatives, i.e. with a divider, a tailstock centre or a second divider in synchronisation mode. The addition of auxiliary axes provides total machining flexibility and enables turbine vanes to be fully finished in a single cycle.

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