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Series 20


Simply the best. Diamond-polishing and mirrored surfaces, this machining center is the best front lathe imaginable – yet it's also remarkably simple.

Series 30


The evident. High-precision machining knows how to fit in: compact and simple, 301S2 centers take up so little space that it's possible to install several in a limited space.


Watchmaker's dream. The 308S2 is unbeatable for high-end machining, small prismatic parts, decoration, finishes and engraving. A remarkably versatile jewel of the latest generation.

Series 40


A watchmaking standard. A three-axis machining center with a vertical spindle for milling plates for cutting-edge industries. Ergonomic and extremely precise, it also features customizable robotics solutions.


Everything you need, no more, no less. A strategic piece for watchmaking, the 408B does everything but the turning. Ideal for bracelet links, for example, its simplicity and efficiency also make it attractive to the dental sector.


The star. Cutting-edge industries love the speed, ergonomics and high precision of this multi-process machining center. A versatile best-seller that enables complex parts to be turned and milled in a single cycle.


Adaptable, space-saving, perfect for complete machining of connector boards and bridges. Its robotics system makes it a production cell that's as flexible as high-performing.


Perfection, piece by piece. The model of choice for polyhedral pieces. The high-performance vertical spindle and double-divider offer rapid mixed machining with high positioning accuracy and thermal stability. Its turning capacity doesn't prevent it from being easy to program.

Series 50


Dynamism and simplicity. Designed especially to perfection flat parts, this highly productive machine is synonymous with added value and perfection, particularly for surface conditions.


Born for complexity. This machining center is powerful, ergonomic and customizable. It can handle the most complex machining while being flexible and easy. Connections, robotics, difficult materials, it does it all.

508MT2X1000 LINEAR

Twice the performance Along with all the ingenuity of the 508 MT2, the X1000 adds the possibility of machining two pieces simultaneously. The machining stations are therefore doubled, boosting productivity by 30 to 45%.


The racer. Dynamic and ultra-fast, the 508S2 accelerates and follows its trajectories like a rally champion: perfect mastery, taking the turns at full speed – quite simply, superlative performance.

Series 51


Machine made especially for machining with turbine blades between 30 and 250 mm long. The angular amplitude of the 518TB enables machining at B 90° from the feet of the turbine blades.

Series 70


The submicron revolution. Ultra-high speed, ultra-high precision, a true technological breakthrough. With its acceleration capacity matched by consumption performance, this machining center – or, more precisely, micro-machining center – does everything better than any other. An instrument beyond compare for injection micro-molds, especially optics and lenses. Plain and simply a new concept.

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