Made-to-measure systems for increased autonomy

We have developed various automation systems for each of our machines which all have one thing in common: ease-of use and autonomy. We offer and adapt our own systems according to the specifications in question, whether this relates to a basic workpiece removal system or a full system able to load, orient and accurately position slugs and clean (by blowing), quality check and palletise the finished workpieces.

Manipulator arms

Bras manipulateur à plateaux rotatifs

Rotary plate manipulator arm option Device for loading and unloading workpieces and pallets

To ensure a high production autonomy of special workpieces, Willemin-Macodel offers a manipulator arm with 12 rotary plates. This high-capacity stacking robot is managed automatically, without any operator input, and consists of 5 digital axes. Loading or unloading the plates is performed in concurrent operation time during production and therefore increases machining cycles and productivity.

Bras manipulateur universel

Universal manipulator arm option Device for loading and unloading workpieces, pallets or small bars.

To increase the machining autonomy, Willemin-Macodel offers a manipulator arm for workpieces and small bars. This manipulator, comprising digital longitudinal and vertical axes, enables workpieces to be handled between the storage zone and machining area. For big runs of workpieces, the manipulator may be supplemented by a palletisation system. In this case it is possible to manage pallet transfer in concurrent operation time, without production stoppages.