408 MT turning turret

First compact multi-process machining center working from bar, equipped with a turning turret

The machining center 408MT is equipped with an innovative turning turret allowing internal and external turning operations. This new machine from Willemin-Macodel pushes the boundary between machining operations involving milling and turning and offers a great flexibility.

The turret can be equipped with 1 turning tailstock, 3 axial and 5 radial tool-holders, allowing machining of parts up to Ø 32 mm by 100 mm length.

Internal and external turning operations

  • External turning tool vertically mounted on the turret. A tool of 40 mm length allows turning operations of 100 mm length maximum
  • All internal turning operations (drilling, tapping, chamfering, kerf) are possible

Machining in back-working position

  • Back-working vice 0°- 90° to support or clamp the part
  • Capable to machine up to 45° with B-axis

Advantages of 408MT with turning turret

  • Great chip removal capacity
  • Simultaneous turning/milling