willemin-macodel machining center - serie 20 - 203S

203S frontal lathe for turning and milling operations

  • 3 axes
  • Front turning
  • Usinage

main characteristics

  • High static and dynamic rigidity
  • Cast iron structure
  • Positioning accuracy
  • Cartesian/polar conversion on C and X axes
  • High-quality surface finishes
  • Uniform rigidity along the entire length of the table
  • Thermal stability of the kinematic chain
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Compact machine
  • Custom robotization/automation


The 203S frontal lathe by Willemin-Macodel is perfect for turning and milling operations on workpieces with dimensions up to 80 mm in diameter and 60 mm in length, such as watch cases and bezels.

To increase the machine's flexibility, the 203S lathe can be equipped with milling spindles for carrying out front or lateral machining operations. The 203S lathe is equipped with a slotted table which allows tools to be placed over a total length of 750 mm.

Its compact and economic design makes this a quick, accurate and flexible lathe, largely thanks to the comprehensive tooling which can be fitted on the slotted table.

To meet specific requirements, the 203S can be customized, and a large range of optional equipment is available. It can be adapted to work from bar stock or in one-piece mode. As an option, the 203S can house all the equipment needed to guarantee operation in automatic mode (bar feeder, parts recovery system, robotization, etc.).

It can both guarantee compliance with very narrow tolerances, and ensure high surface finish quality: two of the many reasons the 203S lathe is the perfect solution for machining rotating parts for the most demanding, cutting-edge industries.

Other characteristics

  • Slotted table length 750 mm
  • Usable travel 690 mm
  • A3 chuck cone spindle, speed 6000 rpm
  • Max bar Ø 22 mm (optional)
  • Front machining, 12,000 rpm
  • Lateral machining, 12,000 rpm
  • Footprint approx. 2.8 m2